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Miss Berlitz

"In her body there were a thousand stars, each one a hole where her soul shined through in all its burning glory."
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Platina loves the idea of attending a University, but I feel like she wouldn’t actually enjoy it once she got there. She would become intimidated by larger classes and worry that if she contributed too much she might come across as too much of a show-off, but of course would not want to contribute too little, either— and simply being around that many other people in an educational environment would be so foreign to her. I can’t imagine that she would like it very much.

She is pretty insistent that she would, but I do not think she will actually wind up attending a University any time soon. Instead, she will just remain fascinated by the concept and incredibly excited at the prospect of sitting in on one of Cheren’s classes.

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And I can see it coming from the edge of the room.
Smiling in the streetlight.
Even with my eyes shut tight, 
I still see it coming now.

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It’s actually kind of funny— Platina has her enemies, people she opposes and will stand against when needed… but she will only stand against them when needed. Team Galactic, for example. She’s on relatively good terms with Janet and Charon— while quite wary of Cyrus, I can imagine her easily developing a sort of grudging respect and even becoming honestly fond of him.

But the moment any one of these people begins to pose a genuine threat, she would not hesitate to do everything in her power to make sure they were taken care of.

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Platina’s favorite book as a child was Flowers for Algernon.

She still has her original copy of it, tucked away in a desk drawer in her room. It’s falling apart and difficult to read now because it is so worn and used, but she couldn’t stand to get rid of it.

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Physically, Platina takes after her father.

Her mother is light-haired, but Professor Berlitz’s hair is the same black as Platina despite what that adorable fanart portrays. She has her mother’s eyes— the Berlitz line has a humorously dominant trait of gold eyes— but everything else is from her father.

Even biologically she is a huge Daddy’s Girl heheeee.

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My Same - Adele

Walking with each other
Think we’ll never match at all, but we do 

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iv. Yanase Berlitz

Platina’s relationship with her mother has never been a particularly affectionate one. The woman was very rarely around through most of her childhood, from about ages four to eleven, having spent a great deal of time working in Hoenn. That isn’t to say that they don’t care for each other— Yanase loves her daughter dearly, in her own way, and Platina has never really been bothered by her mother’s distance because she really had nothing to compare it to. For all she knew, the fact that most of her conversations with her mother were over the phone or through letters was entirely normal— as was the lack of physical affection. Platina’s father did all of the hugging and generally nurturing things of that nature. Yanase was often away and simply unable, but even when she was home, she was always quite strict with Platina and not the type to simply hand away signs of affection. Hugs, kisses, and praise were given when earned.

Yanase, being the parent of Berlitz blood [her father was distantly related, but for the most part considered to have entered the family by marriage], was the one who pushed education and upper-class attitudes the hardest. Platina’s father read to her and indulged in her childish side as much as allowed, but ultimately it was Yanase who had the girl reading ten books a day before most girls her age could read simple sentences. She shaped Platina’s ladylike manners, and even began to impose the titles “Mother” and “Father” when she turned six or seven. “Mummy” and “Papa” were much too ‘childlike’ for a young lady of her intellect.

Platina greatly respects and loves her mother, though she does perhaps strive a bit too desperately for her praise. Emotionally and even intellectually she is considerably closer to her father, but their bond is not enough that it satisfies Platina’s need to reach out to her mother.

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But with all my education, 
I can’t seem to commend it, 
And the words are all escaping me, 
And coming back all damaged, 
And I would put them back in poetry, 
If I only knew how, 
I can’t seem to understand it…

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It is so hard for me to imagine Platina’s voice not having at least a subtle English accent, even though it is completely unrealistic. I mean, the Berlitz family is over two-hundred years old and has really never branched very far from Sinnoh— certainly not far enough that there’s any way that Platina has English blood in her, of all things. And her parents are definitely both Japanese, so I have no idea where this accent would come from.

It makes no sense but I can’t unhear it.

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