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Miss Berlitz

"In her body there were a thousand stars, each one a hole where her soul shined through in all its burning glory."
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Platina’s is almost certainly of her father. She was probably fairly young— young enough that it is perhaps somewhat unusual for her to remember so far back— and it is not very clear.

They were sitting in the library on a big armchair (her favorite place in the manor), her father reading to her on his lap. She interrupted to ask practically-incoherent questions at times; the memory itself is of her sitting there, watching him as he explained (well, attempted to explain) the mechanics of a Pokéball.

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Green Finch and Linnet Bird, Sweeney Todd Soundtrack

“If I can not fly, let me sing.”

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Things get damaged, things get broken
I thought we’d manage
but words left unspoken
left us so brittle.
There was so little left to give.

Angels with silver wings
shouldn’t know suffering.
I wish I could take the pain for you.

Sometimes I wonder if Missy is asexual. She’s definitely not aromantic, but for a sixteen [and now almost seventeen]-year-old girl, I don’t think she has ever once felt those types of urges. And it would be one thing if they were just few and far between, but to have never had them… She’s a teenager, almost a young adult—and that by now she has never once expressed any sort of sexual interest makes me wonder.

I can’t really see her having sex, honestly. She’s still getting used to physical intimacy with Diamond and Pearl in a purely platonic way—sex would be way too huge a step for her to take, at least right now. Maybe she’ll prove me wrong one day.

As for romance, I’m still not even really sure where she falls as far as her preferences are concerned. I think she’s somewhere between a 0 and a 1 on the Kinsley scale [ignoring that it deals with sexuality, should she turn out to be asexual]. Normally I would simply say that she’s a 0, purely straight, but then I remember Janet. They’re friends at best, and the kiss was only in honor of a holiday, but it got me thinking and I suppose that on very rare occasions she might be romantically inclined to other females.

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ii. Pearl

Pearl and Platina have a very… strained relationship, at times. Over the years they’ve calmed down somewhat [at the very least, they don’t bicker quite like they did when they were children], but for the most part they don’t seem to have changed much. Pearl gets a kick out of teasing her and doing things just to see her reaction, and the both of them still maintain their somewhat haughty attitudes around one another. Pearl is often still bossy and demanding, and likewise, he brings out Platina’s arrogant side—one honestly might even say their relationship borders on tsundere [on both ends], although in a more platonic sense. They often toe the line between romantic and platonic, though nothing has happened yet and in all likelihood, nothing ever will.

Despite being frustrated with each other so often, Platina and Pearl have their moments. He is the one who had the bigger hand in training her for her Gym Battles, and she has always admired him for his prowess as a trainer [which even now, she believes, is still greater than her own]—and is frequently impressed by his intelligence. Platina seems to be the center of their trio on the first glance, but in reality, she considers it to be Pearl—his ‘trait’ is Willpower, and he has always been the rock not just for her, but for Diamond as well. If she is upset, it is him she turns to for support and comfort [usually], though she is often quite subtle about it. His unyielding resolve inspires her to keep up her own determination, though she would never admit to such a thing.

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i. Diamond & Pearl

Platina’s relationship with Diamond and Pearl [and it is almost a single relationship shared between the three of them; she has dynamics with the boys as individuals, but this is more often than not outweighed by their bond as a trio] is without a doubt the most defining one of her life thus far—and one that will be difficult, if not impossible, to best in the future. She was an entirely different person before meeting them, and their journey together had nothing short of a profound impact on her life.

The Platina before Diamond and Pearl was quiet, reserved, and let’s face it: haughty. The closest she had been to real-world experience was what she found in books and the lab where she worked as an assistant to Professor Rowan, and was used to having everything handed to her. The boys catered to her whims to an extent (Diamond especially), but they steadily knocked her off of her pedestal.

On another note, she was also quite naive before them. She had a great deal of practical knowledge, and initially thought that it was enough. Upon beginning her travels with them, Platina learned very quickly that possessing information is useless if one does not have experience, not to mention true understanding. Diamond and Pearl taught her that in the end, experiencing things for oneself is the only way to attain and successfully utilize the knowledge she so desperately sought.

Perhaps the most important effect the boys had on the Berlitz heiress is that they simply taught her to live. She set out on her journey expecting simple bodyguards, but rather she found her first real friends. They made her smile, laugh, cry; they lent her their strength when she needed it, and gradually steadied her so that she was able to stand on her own two feet for the first time in her life. They taught her to be a child, and they helped her grow.

The years she spent apart from them [they originally separated to seek information on the Distortion World, and for the following four years simply were unable to reach each other reliably] were the most painful of her life. She nearly regressed into the person she was before meeting them, but having been recently reunited in Kanto, the three are as tight as ever and Platina…. well, to put it in the most simple terms: she loves them, and will not be letting them go any time soon.

Pygmalion effect;

The Pygmalion effect refers to the phenomenon in which the greater the expectation placed upon people, the better they perform.

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Platina is not easily dissuaded once she puts her mind to something. If she has an idea, she will pursue it; if she begins a project, she will see it to its finish. Giving up is not, not, not an option. Stubborn to a fault, she will never back down from a challenge unless she quite literally has no other choice.

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