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Miss Berlitz

"In her body there were a thousand stars, each one a hole where her soul shined through in all its burning glory."
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Platina loves the idea of attending a University, but I feel like she wouldn’t actually enjoy it once she got there. She would become intimidated by larger classes and worry that if she contributed too much she might come across as too much of a show-off, but of course would not want to contribute too little, either— and simply being around that many other people in an educational environment would be so foreign to her. I can’t imagine that she would like it very much.

She is pretty insistent that she would, but I do not think she will actually wind up attending a University any time soon. Instead, she will just remain fascinated by the concept and incredibly excited at the prospect of sitting in on one of Cheren’s classes.

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It’s actually kind of funny— Platina has her enemies, people she opposes and will stand against when needed… but she will only stand against them when needed. Team Galactic, for example. She’s on relatively good terms with Janet and Charon— while quite wary of Cyrus, I can imagine her easily developing a sort of grudging respect and even becoming honestly fond of him.

But the moment any one of these people begins to pose a genuine threat, she would not hesitate to do everything in her power to make sure they were taken care of.

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Platina’s favorite book as a child was Flowers for Algernon.

She still has her original copy of it, tucked away in a desk drawer in her room. It’s falling apart and difficult to read now because it is so worn and used, but she couldn’t stand to get rid of it.

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Physically, Platina takes after her father.

Her mother is light-haired, but Professor Berlitz’s hair is the same black as Platina despite what that adorable fanart portrays. She has her mother’s eyes— the Berlitz line has a humorously dominant trait of gold eyes— but everything else is from her father.

Even biologically she is a huge Daddy’s Girl heheeee.

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I often debate with myself over whether or not Platina has something of an addictive personality. She seems to go through little phases of addiction, some long-lasting and others short-lived but still quite extreme. The first example that comes to mind is, of course, her gambling problem, which was essentially resolved in canon, though admittedly I like to imagine that it is only suppressed; she still gets that urge, however weak, whenever seeing or hearing mention of a Game Corner or the Battle Arcade.

Another was her search for information on the Distortion World that began in the Platinum arc. This part of the story is, of course, still on-going, but as of now I imagine that Platina developed a rather extreme obsession with the place. She never learned as much about it as she wanted to, never got to see it or find out how to access it, but for a few years after her challenge of the Battle Frontier, even after parting ways with Looker, she continued a rather desperate search, absorbing every last scrap of information available. By now it has more or less faded, but sooner or later I think she will be faced with the prospect of the Distortion World again, and will not be happy until she has been there at least once.

Really, studying/working in general is an addiction for Platina. If she is not training or battling or doing something else that is productive, she cannot not be attempting to learn something. Anything. She has this near-constant need to be productive, or at least to feel like she is being productive, and at times it can reach dangerous levels. She has a rather awful habit of latching onto an interesting topic and pursuing research in it to such extreme levels that she will quite literally forget to perform basic functions, such as sleeping or eating.

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Platina has never “properly” celebrated Halloween. Her family throws a ball or some kind of event every year, but she never experienced the costuming aspect, and she certainly never experienced trick-or-treating.

She wants to, but at seventeen years old would feel childish admitting it.

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Platina’s is almost certainly of her father. She was probably fairly young— young enough that it is perhaps somewhat unusual for her to remember so far back— and it is not very clear.

They were sitting in the library on a big armchair (her favorite place in the manor), her father reading to her on his lap. She interrupted to ask practically-incoherent questions at times; the memory itself is of her sitting there, watching him as he explained (well, attempted to explain) the mechanics of a Pokéball.

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Sometimes I wonder if Missy is asexual. She’s definitely not aromantic, but for a sixteen [and now almost seventeen]-year-old girl, I don’t think she has ever once felt those types of urges. And it would be one thing if they were just few and far between, but to have never had them… She’s a teenager, almost a young adult—and that by now she has never once expressed any sort of sexual interest makes me wonder.

I can’t really see her having sex, honestly. She’s still getting used to physical intimacy with Diamond and Pearl in a purely platonic way—sex would be way too huge a step for her to take, at least right now. Maybe she’ll prove me wrong one day.

As for romance, I’m still not even really sure where she falls as far as her preferences are concerned. I think she’s somewhere between a 0 and a 1 on the Kinsley scale [ignoring that it deals with sexuality, should she turn out to be asexual]. Normally I would simply say that she’s a 0, purely straight, but then I remember Janet. They’re friends at best, and the kiss was only in honor of a holiday, but it got me thinking and I suppose that on very rare occasions she might be romantically inclined to other females.

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Pygmalion effect;

The Pygmalion effect refers to the phenomenon in which the greater the expectation placed upon people, the better they perform.

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Platina is not easily dissuaded once she puts her mind to something. If she has an idea, she will pursue it; if she begins a project, she will see it to its finish. Giving up is not, not, not an option. Stubborn to a fault, she will never back down from a challenge unless she quite literally has no other choice.

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